AOC brings down the House: All female doc on the campaign to rid US politics of stale, pale and male

She’s a flash of bright colour if you feel the political landscape offers nothing but grey suits and old, white men. Should you too be mesmerised by AOC, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, then Netflix’s Knock Down the House is a must-see, because Emmy-nominated documentarian Rachel Lears had the good fortune to start filming her campaign to get elected to Congress back when AOC was working double shifts in a New York bar to try and save her family home from foreclosure.

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Light of educating girls shines brightly in the High Himalayas: Watching Children of the Snowland

Up on the roof of the world, there’s a school. You could literally call it the light of education – which they do. The Snowland Ranag Light of Education school in Kathmandu makes it possible for poor children in the High Himalayas to get some of the best schooling in Nepal – but are only reunited with their families years later, when they graduate.


It’s the teenagers’ pilgrimage home through the Himalayas that intrigued filmmakers Zara Balfour and Marcus Stephenson enough to make ‘Children of the Snowland’, a beautiful and touching film where three young adults document themselves going home to their villages after not seeing their parents for more than a decade.

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Setting sail in a storm of sexism - Maiden documentary tells story of first all-female round the world crew

In September 1989 – two months before the Berlin Wall fell – a group of young women set sail from Southampton to much ridicule. They were on board the ‘Maiden’ and were the first all-female crew to attempt the gruelling Whitbread Round the World race.


Thirty years later isn’t a lifetime ago, but the idea of mainstream media ridicule of ‘girls’ attempting the same challenge as ‘men’ is publicly, at least, not possible. But if you want to see what British sailor Tracy Edwards and the crew of the ‘Maiden’ faced back in the 1980s then you must see ‘Maiden’, directed by Alex Holmes -which along with ‘Free Solo’ is one of the best documentaries of the last few months.

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