The risk-taker: informer's Bel Powley takes on Matthew McConaughey in White Boy Rick

It’s 7.45am in Los Angeles when Bel Powley comes on the phone, 3.45pm in the UK. She begins by apologising into the ether to whoever she spoke to before me, because she hadn’t managed to down any coffee beforehand, whereas now she’s managed half a cup and is feeling considerably more awake. In those precious few seconds of sounding each other out before the conversation properly begins, there’s bonding over how frustrating it is when movie trailers give too much plot away (“I find it really annoying when you watch trailers and you think ‘well I’ve seen half the film now!’”) and how enjoyable it is to be surprised by what you’re watching (“I love going in to see plays when I know nothing about it”). With that no-spoiler spirit in mind, we come to White Boy Rick, the 1980s-set film based on the true-life drama of Richard Wershe Jr. and his family, where Bel shines as Rick’s troubled older sister, Dawn. It’s a riveting yet nightmare-ish story as the characters battle to survive trading drugs and guns as their main currency.

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