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Wearing her scars: Vicky Knight makes stunning debut in Sacha Polak's 'Dirty God'

“I have found the strength to realise my worth,” says 23 year old Vicky Knight, star of Dutch director Sacha Polak’s new film Dirty God.

“I was just the girl with the scars. Now I am the girl with the movie – with the scars.”

Vicky is a health care assistant and now an actress – giving one of the great breakout performances of 2019 in Dirty God as Jade, a young single mother who has been deeply scarred in an acid attack. How much of that is physical, and how much worse is the mental torment, unfolds during the film. Bringing her attacker to justice forms about a minute of the plot. It’s all about the stages of shock and grief, mixed up together – denying, anger, bargaining, acceptance.

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AOC brings down the House: All female doc on the campaign to rid US politics of stale, pale and male

She’s a flash of bright colour if you feel the political landscape offers nothing but grey suits and old, white men. Should you too be mesmerised by AOC, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, then Netflix’s Knock Down the House is a must-see, because Emmy-nominated documentarian Rachel Lears had the good fortune to start filming her campaign to get elected to Congress back when AOC was working double shifts in a New York bar to try and save her family home from foreclosure.

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