'People see me as Helen of Troy:' Diane Kruger goes on a neo nazi hunt in Into the Fade

As In the Fade had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival a year ago, a suicide bomber walked into Manchester Arena and murdered 22 people attending an Arianna Grande concert.

Diane Kruger says that she “didn’t sleep” for a couple of nights afterwards, because she had just spent months devoting herself to In the Fade – the story of a German woman who loses her Turkish husband and their young son to neo Nazi bombers.

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Ocean's 8: We're stuck with gender-swapping remakes until we show female stories sell

We can all lament that Ocean’s 8 is a bit sexist in its plot (women only become criminals if there’s dressing up involved or getting back at a tosser ex boyfriend) and not delivering much in what Sandra Bullock calls “banter”, but it’s kind of enjoyable, and why are we holding them to such high standards? Did you see a Tom Cruise film recently? Why are we asking for Chekhov for girls?

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